Futurethon – Explore the future

Futurethon – Explore the future

We continuously strive to enhance our living and working environments. The environments we live in today are almost unrecognisable from those that existed before the internet – not just in aesthetic capacity, but in the way we function within in….

Il tuo matrimonio al Ristorante Des Alpes

Il tuo matrimonio al Ristorante Des Alpes

Per iniziare cocktails di benvenuto con buffet sui terrazzi esterni esterni con vista verso la Presolana oppure verso la splendida pineta dello Scanapa’.Stuzzichini di vario genere. Tartine, pizzette, olive all’ascolana, spiedini e tante altre sorprese A seguire, seduti comodamente ai…

Week-end get away in Hotel WP

Why go through the stress of travelling when you can rediscover the city that we call home with a weekend getaway? A weekend stay at Hotel WP will help you forget the routines and responsibilities of the work week and…

Host a Family Party

When you host a party or family reunion, the special celebrations let you strengthen bonds with those you hold most dear. It’s also the chance to share what we’re looking forward to—along with what we’ve been through—with people we count on…

5 good reasons to take a break

There’s an endless list of reasons why adopting the Spanish tradition of the siesta is a great idea. It’s also the source of many positive health benefits. Revive Energy Levels To maximize concentration and productivity, without losing too much time…

Before booking your wedding hall

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