coleremountain cabinovia vista da polzone


Coleremountain is one of the most attractive resorts of Bergamo Region.

Coleremountain offers something for everyone:

it offers easy ski runs, but up there tourists want to ski seriously, on technical ski runs suitable for high level competitions.

To Colere you can find a sunny sky even when the weather is foggy and cloudy at the bottom of the valley.

  • Altitude: 1020 m – 2200 m
  • Chairlifts: 3
  • Conveyor belt:1
  • Difficult: Medium / Hard
  • Artificial snow: km 2


  • 1 Restaurant, 2 Rifuge , snack bar
  • Rental ski: 2
  • Boarder cross: 1
  • Ski skool: 2

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Monte Pora

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